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Oklahoma Quail Hunting at Hunter Prairie

Oklahoma Quail HuntingOklahoma Quail Hunting is a popular sport. The most common quail is the “bobwhite”, which is found in the fields and hedgerows here at Hunter Prairie, part of Wood Guest Ranch just West of Boswell. With a mixture of brown, gray, reddish, and black color that blends with the ground, this small game can be challenging.

Quail Hunting season never ends at Hunter Prairie

The bobwhite quail is the state’s most popular game bird. Our 500 acre world class Quail ranch is stocked full of our farm raised quail full for your enjoyment and success for the ultimate hunting adventure. We have quality bird dogs and experienced hunting guides to lead your party for the hunt.

Prime Quality Habitat for Oklahoma Quail Hunting

With 500 acres of prime quail habitat, coupled with extensive management practices (including a 4 mile long predator proof fence surrounding our hunt area). Hunters can expect fast and furious shooting, finding 12-15 coveys in a half day hunt. Price includes guides, dogs, bird cleaning, and lunch at the lodge.

Our Oklahoma Quail Hunting Offers:

  • 20 Birds per day per Hunter
  • 3 Hunter minimum
  • Quail Processing
*addition charge per additional bird and processing

Oklahoma Quail Hunting in the "Boomer State

Our “Boomer State” ranch, the nickname of the state, from the Choctaw language, meaning “Red People”, offers open prairies, rolling plateaus, and broken hills throughout the ranch. The climate is moderate in both summer and winter, and the ranch has 500 acres offering much to a hunter. The Hunter Prairie hunting guides and staff will be able to help you plan your next trip. Make your reservations NOW for the best Oklahoma Quail Hunting in the state!

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